11 Jan 2016 three boys three girls brown and black born from Seagull Hope and Glory and CH Potterdale Persistant

18 Jan 2016 4 puppies are born from Seagull Have a Good time x Ragellie Wake up call
Two blue two black,

some puppies still available to the right home.

7th September 2015 , 7 pups have been born from

Seagull Stage Whisper x Supremely Potterdale


Seagull Hope and Glory x CH Potterdale Persistant
Expecting puppies Januari 2016

Very promising litter to look forward to...since Hope's mother Potterdale Favorite Gem made such a great combination with Oscar before... and the previous litter in 2014 turned out very nice!

Please see news page for more info or contact us by mail or phone

   boys   girls 5weeks

   4 wks


Seagull Hope and Glory x Potterdale Black Jet
Three dogs, 2 Black 1 Brown Three bitches 1 Black 2 brown




 boys  girls

 stand for show ;o)

  4 weeks



  3 weeks


Born 27-march 4 dogs brown and black and fawn and 4 black bitches
Seagull This is my chance x Potterdale Black Jet NJK




Born om may 10th  puppies from Oscar and Faye: Potterdale Persistant x Potterdale favorite gem


  black dog,


 blue boys  blue girl
  blue girl



   7 weeks old..
 all together...


 blue girls  black girl

 blue boys  black boys



Almost 4 weeks: some still available to loving (show) homes
 the blue

 the black

 just him

Almost 2 weeks old:

 1  2
 3  4
 5 6
 7  8
 9  10

Potterdale Favorite Gem x Potterdale Persistant are having a litter, due in the beginning of may.

And also Seagull this is my chance and Clan of storks Hurricane
Born 11-05 SEagull Just HIm
   here he is!



We are hoping for a very special litter to come... . More news soon..



We planned a litter at the end of April, Seagull This is my Chance x Seagull To be or not to be.
For further information please contact us by mail or phone. For pedigree information look on their pages.


When everything goes as planned, Maddie will be mated soon, she's in season... come back soon for further details.

puppies at eight weeks
 girls   boys

The puppies at 5 weeks
 dogs  bitches

12-09- 2009
Faye's litter of eight puppies: 5 girls 3 boys, with proud dad Gadget.
  just born

   one week.

  two weeks

 all at three weeks

 girls 4wks   boys 4weeks

We have one male pup available.



 dog  bitch


QT x Oscar,  born two very big puppies!!
  one brown bitch and one black dog




SEagull Make me Shine , mother of our new litter. father is Seagull to have and have not, see his own page.


just born                           one week old       

See news page for latest pictures at two weeks.          

We have puppies from Q.T. and Oscar (see newspage)

We do not have puppies available at this time.






four weeks old..

 dogs  bitches   bitches


23-12-2007      3 wks
Here are a few of the puppies. They grow very well, and eating like little wolves...


They grow very well, and have their eyes open now.
 dogs   bitches  bitches 



3 boys and 6 girls, brown and black.




We have 6 puppies from Cassie and Oscar , three dogs, three bitches, all black and white. (Newbourne seagull in the sky x Potterdale Persistant)
If you are interested in a puppy from this combination you can contact us. They would suit showhomes.
Born 23-07-2007.

 bitches 5 weeks    dogs 5 weeks

Almost three weeks.
 dog1   dog2   dog3 

 bitch1  bitch2  bitch3

Two weeks already...
 boys     girls


Almost a week old:



   Seagull Starturn   'Jester"

They are almost eight weeks now...soon it's time they go to their new families!

Time flies...

Starturn                            Stardust                          Starlight


"Stand for show"

Seagull Starturn             Seagull Stardust             Seagull Starlight

The puppies are growing like crazy, and their eyes are open now.


Our Promise has given birth to three puppies. Proud father is our Joker. Two boys and a girl. We are very pleased with them!

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